Arizona Flyers

Web site: http://www.azflyers.org/  
Address:   PO Box 14675
    Tucson, AZ
    Tucson, AZ 85732

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Contact Email:   tonymarrs@comcast.net

Airport Name:   Tucson International - (TUS)

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The History of The Arizona Flyers

Arizona Flyers has been owned and operated by its members since the 1940s. The club airplanes and hanger are conveniently located at Tucson International Airport


Why Join the Flying Club

Our Flying Club is member owned and operated. Each member takes pride in the operation, maintenance, and general condition of the aircraft. Our goal is to economically provide affordable, safe, and convenient aircraft to our members. In addition, we hope to provide an environment where members may be able to stimulate their knowledge, increase their proficiency, and encourage a general interest in the world of aviation. We also take maximum advantage of living in Tucson and having three-day weekends to enjoy Colorado skiing, San Diego, Las Vegas, or The Grand Canyon, most of which are about 3 hours away in our club-owned C-182. Practice instrument work in our inexpensive C-172, or for longer flights, experience the comfort and performance of our Cessna 182RG.



The Arizona Flyers Flying club is composed of approximately 35 members. Each member is a shareholder of the Flying Club. Upon admission each member pays a $1,100 initiation fee. This fee consists of $1,000 which is applied to the owners share of the club. When leaving the club, the $1,000 is refunded. The remaining $100 of the initiation fee is used for administrative fees and marketing expenses. Monthly dues are $99 and meetings are held the second week of each month. At the monthly meetings, club policies, aircraft status, rates and dues are discussed. Every member is encouraged to participate in the discussion and is entitled to vote!