Airlake Aero Flying Club

Web site: http://www.airlakeaero.com/  
    Minneapolis, MN

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Airport Name:   Airlake Airport - (KLVN)

Located just south of the Twin Cities and featured in the Minneapolis Star Tribune as one of the finest flying clubs in the country, Airlake Aero has provided safe, affordable, and enjoyable flying to its members for nearly 30 years. The club has 45 shareholders/owners of all ages representing student pilots, private pilots, commercial pilots, and flight instructors; we can (and do) accommodate all levels of flying!

The Airlake Aero fleet consists of 4 airplanes stored in a heated hangar at the Airlake Airport (KLVN) in Lakeville, MN. There are different aircraft for different missions from a simple, economical 2-seat trainer to a 4-seat high performance, complex airplane for cross-country trips.

The club supports continued training and promotes safe and responsible flying. This is thanks in part to the 5 flight instructors (both CFI and CFII) that belong to the club and offer discounted rates to club members.

Training through Airlake Aero is the most cost effective way to learn to fly or to earn your next certification; our rock-bottom hourly rates are based on tach-time and there are a lot of advantages to training in an airplane you own!

Call for information or to setup a time to tour the hangar!