North Star Flyers

Web site: http://www.northstarflyers.com/  
    Minneapolis, MN

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Airport Name:   Anoka County-Blaine (Janes Field) Airport - (KANE)

  • Have you always wanted to fly?
  • Are you a pilot looking for an answer to the spiraling cost of flying?
  • Are you looking for a good plane to fly but can't afford ownership?
  • Are you looking for capable instructors who are not time-builders?

The answer to these and other questions might be found in joining a flight club. A well-run flight club offers a good compromise between the planes available at an FBO and individual ownership. In a flight club, membership is limited and well-screened. The planes are generally in much better condition, and you aren't competing with a large number of other pilots for time in the airplane.

North Star Flyers is a very small flight club located at the Anoka airport, in the northern metro area of Minneapolis. The club has been in operation for about two and a half years, and our goal is to offer affordable flying in good planes to qualified individuals who want to fly.

We've tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions in our FAQ page. But if you don't find the answers to your questions or just want to talk about aviation, please don't hesitate to contact us!