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Airport Name:   Flying Cloud Airport - (KFCM)

Welcome to the Rangers Flying Club

91E - Back from Annual

The annual for 91E was completed successfully. Thanks (as always) to our maintenance director for scheduling and coordinating, and thanks to all the members who helped with transportation up and back. We had a relatively small punch list, and no major issues. We did replace the voltage regulator and make a cosmetic repairs to the airframe. Also, there was a follow-up repair to fix a rough idle. 91E is now back at the hanger and already has a list of anxious pilots.

Welcome N122WR!

After a long search, the Rangers took delivery of N122WR to replace our previous 177RG. This airplane is a great step up for the group. With a full Gamin stack including 430 GPS, audio panel and Xponder and a 2-axis Stec autopilot, this airplane will handle cross country flights with easy, while still providing an economical 8-10 gallons/hour.

N122WR is available for members with 100+ hours and checkout from our Club CFIs @ $90 per wet tach hr