Southeastern Minnesota Flying Club

Web site: http://www.flyingclub.com/rochester/  
    Rochester, MN

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Airport Name:   Rochester International Airport - (KRST)

  • Established in 1958. That makes us the oldest flying club in the Upper Midwest and one of the oldest flying clubs in the country.
  • Excellent safety record.
  • Well-maintained and well equipped aircraft.

Club Aircraft

  • One Cessna 172
  • One Cessna 182
  • One Piper Warrior II
  • Two Piper Archer IIs
All aircraft are insured for liability and hull. Hulls have a $500 deductible payable by the responsible club member.

Monthly Business and Safety Meeting

The club meets the second Sunday of each month to review the operation of the club, discuss issues affecting the club, and discuss safety issues. Attendence at one meeting per quarter is mandatory, while monthly attendance is strongly encouraged. Prospective members are encouraged to join us, as well.

During the winter months when the hangars are cold the meetings are held at the airport, in the former site of Legacy Aviation, just east of Signature Aviation. The meeting starts at 7:00PM and goes for about an hour.

During the summer months the meetings are held at the club hangars at the Rochester Airport. At 6:00PM we wash airplanes and at 7:00PM the meeting and eating starts. (You can't wash airplanes and not be hungry!)

Aircraft Scheduling

  • Use the aircraft as your own. We charge tach time (dry) so you only pay for the flying time you actually use. There are no miminum charges for using an aircraft.
  • Aircraft scheduling is done by web page or touch-tone telephone. Scheduling can be done from nearly anywhere at any time of the day or night.
  • The exact rules for scheduling (including restrictions) can be found in the formal bylaws document.

Membership Types and Costs

TypeInitial FeeMonthly DuesComments
Student$200 fee plus $762.50 for a share of the club.$65
This type of member is restricted to flying the designated trainer, which is a C172. This membership type is available only to student pilots.
Full$200 fee plus $762.50 for a share of the club.$65
Family$200 fee plus $762.50 for a share of the club for the primary member. $25 for each family member after the primary member.$65 for the primary member plus $32.50 for each family member
Only the primary member buys a share in the club; other family members do not have to pay for a share, but they do not vote. See the bylaws for details.

Rates for each airplane and detailed descriptions can be found on the Club Aircraft page.