Yankee Flying Club

Web site: http://www.yankeeflyingclub.org/  
    Minneapolis, MN

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Airport Name:   Crystal Airport - (KMIC)

Yankee Flying Club was started in 1968 and is based at the Crystal, MN, airport. (KMIC) We have 65 shareholders and four aircraft in our fleet consisting of two Cessna 172s, one Cessna 182RG and a Cirrus SR20.

Membership in the club is open to student and experienced pilots alike. The current insurance minimums for our aircraft are: Cessna 172s, student pilot or higher. Cessna 182RG, 200 hours total time. Cirrus SR-20, 400 hours total time. In addition, a checkout with a club instructor is required for each aircraft type.

All aircraft except the Cirrus are rented to the shareholders for a 'wet/Tach' rate. The Cirrus is charged at a 'wet/Hobbs' rate. The schedule is kept to ensure an equal opportunity to schedule the airplanes when and how long you want them. Each share is assessed monthly dues of $95. This covers all fixed expenses that are incurred whether the aircraft fly or not. (e.g. aircraft insurance, hangar expenses, annual costs, etc)

The Scheduling is done on-line at www.AircraftClubs.com, which provides several different calenders to choose from as well as e-mail access to club members.