Mitchell Flying Club

Web site: http://www.mitchellflyingclub.com/  
    Lee's Summit, MO

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Airport Name:   Lee's Summit Municipal Airport - (KLXT)

The Mitchell Flying Club is a Not-for-Profit Missouri corporation. Under Missouri Law members share USE of the aircraft but do not OWN "shares" of corporate stock or the Club assets (aircraft, etc.)


The aircraft are based at the Lee's Summit, Missouri Airport (LXT) and are readily available for member use. Aircraft scheduling is done through a web-based scheduling service or toll free phone number, making it available 24/7.


The Club currently owns 1 aircraft. The existing aircraft is a 1997 Cessna 172R, which is IFR certified and in very good condition. .


Rates are dry (Member buy's their own fuel), billed monthly based on tach time. A deposit of $500 is required, but is returned when your membership is sold. Members are responsible for their monthly dues until the membership is sold or, if a member has a fully funded Departure Account {18 months of dues at the then current rate} they may exercise the 'Rapid Departure Plan' option.


Current monthly costs are $60.00 per month to cover fixed costs such as insurance, annual inspections, hangar rental and Property taxes. The monthly dues will not change through December 31, 2012